Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rumi Neely

 I have been reading Fashion Toast for quite some time now... she is actually one of the first blogs that I started following. Rumi is a blogger, model and fashion expert. She has been a featured model for Forever21 and with each picture she gives new inspiration in clothes styles and also photography.

What I like most about her blog is her photo diaries which are a series of photographs that she has taken over an amount of time and puts them all in the same post. Which is something that I have experimented with in my section called Picture My Life.

Her boyfriend, Colin, is the one who takes most of the pictures of her for her blog. She has another blog called Generic Dream in which she just uses random photos that were taken. Not only does each photograph have a new inspiration of it's own; she also takes pictures that I, as a photographer, would never think of taking, but her pictures always are on point. They are definitely unique and I love to go to her blog for a fresh and intriguing outlook on life through the camera lens.

You should check it out and I hope you enjoy!

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