Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whatever Happens

Summer break  for me so far, has been wonderfully relaxing and quite pleasant, however, my summer is going to soon change to hard work and adventure. I will be leaving for camp to be a camp counselor and I am so very excited and nervous at the same time. I have no idea what to expect. I had never really seen myself as a camp counselor before, but I believe this is something that God wants me to do. And I am so excited to see how I will grow and stretch in ways that I don't even know yet.

It all started when, for one of my classes, we were allowed extra credit if we went to this career fair. And so before I went, I prayed. And I told God that I would only be interested in a job or internship if it had to do with photography or if it was near my home town.

The crazy thing is the first booth I came to was this camp and I was so excited to hear that it was only 45 minutes away from my home! So I applied and got accepted right away and I will be leaving Sunday morning.

I am so excited to be an example to these kids and hopefully be an encouragement in their lives.

I'll never forget my camp counselor... she was the best. She will definitely be someone that I look up to, but I realized that I can't focus on trying to be the best... I just need to be myself and be confident in who I am as a person and I know everything will be alright.

Since I will be leaving, I will not be able to blog as much as I would like to. I will at least continue to blog on the weekends, but I hope that you will continue to follow me and I'll be back before you know it!

I am sad that I won't be blogging often, but it's always nice to take a break from something. Maybe in the future, I will be able to have guest bloggers come on!

Anyways, I pray that God blesses you in your lives and you all have a wonderful summer!

"Whatever happens, dear brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord!" -- Philippians 3:1


Alice and Gabriela said...

Hi again!
Following you ;)


María | Mi vestidor en tiempos revueltos said...

También te deseo un verano maravilloso. Me encanta tu blog te sigo.