Friday, April 15, 2011

Marvelous Make up

While my friends and I were in Indy, we decided to go to the mall. Can you believe it closes at 9pm?? So we decided to go back to Marion, but as we drove back to town, we saw a Super Target and decided to stop by. As we looked at spring decorations that were on sales, a friend of mine screamed and called us over. We came by and gasped with amazement, all Elf makeup for only ONE DOLLAR! I could not believe it. Elf is a high quality brand, I could not leave this opportunity behind.

I finally was able to buy some brushes which I have always wanted.
We then shopped around to find more products.


JK eyeshadow

JK lips

 I hope you enjoyed a quick view of these products, I will soon show you what I bought and how it looks. Stay tuned!

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