Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving List

1. See friends and family
2. Go to high school's basketball game and become an alumni officially
3. Make as much food as I can from the Pioneer Woman.
4. Watch Anne of Green Gables. Trust me you don't want to watch it with me, I promise you I will be bauling my eyes out. I already am by just listening to the theme music on you tube.
5. Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with my dad and anyone else you wants to come.
6. Get my hair done and finally trimmed. I know it's getting longer, but it's totally uneven and it's driving me nuts.
7. Go to church and visit my pastor and other church family.
8. Go shopping at my favorite store Forever 21. Man, I miss it so much.
9. Study for my driver's permit. Hopefully I will be one step closer to a liscense.
10. Hopefully get some home work done, especially for my speech that is coming up soon.

But hey, my plans can totally change. I've learned that. So I will see what the Lord has for me. I'm excited!

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