Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love this song.

It is talking about how God is in charge of our lives and we should not take credit or boast in the things that He has enabled or created for us to do. Most people view God as being part of the background, yet we should be the ones to play the background instead of the other way around. The Lord take the lead in every aspect of our lives, that is what He [the Lord] intended for us. Humility is what I am striving for. Pride is believing we can do accomplishments on our own and taking the credit for what we have done in our feeble works.

 I pray that I can live this out in my life.

Throughout my life, I have noticed that I am the background. I've examined my close friends, they all have the same personality. Outgoing beautiful women who have always been popular, never the quiet ones. And then there was me. Kourtney Mack, the most quiet girl you could ever met.

 I ask myself, what was I doing with these girls? Why would someone like me be with them?  How could I even compare to them? I was the background. Someone once told me that people choose friends who are either are like them or someone they want to be like. I realize that I chose my friends according to what I wanted to be like. Unfortunately, being with them did not change who I was. It just pushed me farther into the background.

I thank the Lord for His grace and mercy that He helped me become more confident as I grow older.

This song helped me realize how I am and how I want to be. Still the background, compared to a mighty and powerful Savior. I ask myself, how can I even compare myself to Him? Someone who I strive and ever hope to be. Someone who I want to live after and follow in His footsteps.

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