Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christianne Taylor

I get such a rush and a thrill by looking at other amazing photographers and the success they have. I can only imagine what my life will turn out to be. God has given me such a passion for photography, I don't know where I would be and what I  would do without it. Sometimes when I tell people that I want to be a fashion photographer, I must say, I am a little embarrassed because they may think that I will not succeed. But  now I do not care, thanks to Miss Christianne Taylor. I visited her website for the first time today. Normally I don't read the whole bio section; but this time I did. She used such vivid words and with everything she said, I felt as though she was reading my mind. The more I read the more I felt. I must say I even cried because of the emotion I felt, so deep inside my heart. I read a quote today which went something like this, "I  would rather see you fail at something you love, than succeed at something you hate." I truly believe in that. God has given me this love and I will fight for it with all that is in me. I encourage you all to read this woman's bio; believe me you won't regret it.

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