Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trending Chambray

Fashion Gone Rogue


Even though I do not own a one myself, this is definitely a new trend that has come to my attention. I believe it is daring to wear a casual material with a fashionable twist. All of these women have mastered this new fashion trend and I am excited to find my own chambray so that I can make it work for myself.

The key is to get a blue jean material that is light and moves with the wind, rather than a stiff, ill-fitting jacket. I like the ones that can be worn more as a shirt rather than a jacket, but regardless of how it is worn, it can be a great asset to ones closet and fashion inspiration. 

If you have a jacket like this, I would love to know! 


Invitation To Inspiration said...

Kourtney, lovely post.
We are really glad to have discovered your blog, we love your own personal photography! You have a unique personal signature all over your photos.
Following you now on Bloglovin :)
Have a nice day!

Georgia. said...

so lovely, the first image is so beautiful! <3

// xx