Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Apples and Roses



I am so ecstatic right now! I am typing this blog post with a Mac Book Pro! I cannot believe it, it seems so surreal. I saved my money all summer to pay for this and now it is all worth it! Words can't describe the emotion that I'm feeling right now, especially since I went through a whole school year in college without a laptop at all. It was very difficult at times, but now I know that I can do so many things with this new laptop. It is so heavenly just typing ... ahhh!

You might be wondering about the dried roses are about. Well these are about half the roses that people have given me in the past. The rest of the roses and flowers that I have were put together to into a beautiful scent of petals. I am very nostalgic so it is very hard for me to throw special and thoughtful things away. So I have kept all the flowers that were given to me. I thought these would add a nice touch to my beautiful Mac.

My goal this summer was to make it to 50 followers before school starts. Right now I'm at 45 followers, so I am about to complete my goal which is exciting! I hope you all will enjoy the giveaway that will be coming up soon!

Happy Tuesday!


Megan said...

eeeeeep! that is so exciting! it is so rewarding when you work hard and save, save, save and then you finally get to hold what you've been saving for in your hands! (especially if it's a macbook! haha)


MissExpensivePink said...

Enjoy the Apple!!!!!! I hae the macbook white and am so proud of it :D

Great blog!!! Awesome pics.

romwe said...

wow,I have never thought about seeing flowers' beauty in that way..Thanks for your work,so special.It would be really nice if you take your spare time to check out my blog and follow back if you like it.. :D