Friday, April 8, 2011

Cherry, Chic and Cheap


I am still in shock over the amazing purse that I bought at GoodWill! Le Fashion Window and I were talking about finding purses at the Good Will and were not even expecting to find anything. As we were looking at all the unwanted purses, I came across this amazing red purse. I do not have a lot of red things, so I was super excited to find new things to match with it. Not to mention, I also bought this refreshing lip balm call Rose Salve from Bath&Body Works. I am so glad that I got it because I normally use Vaseline which does wonders to my lips, but this case looks so vintage and chic that I had no problem in buying it.







(Wearing Walmart black sweater, Target flower dress, TOMS shoes)
(GoodWill red purse, Bath&Body Works lip balm)

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