Friday, March 25, 2011

Makeover Time

I never would have thought at how much a big different changing one's eyebrows could be, even for my little "see through" eyebrows. The eyebrow on the left is the one that is done and the other is without being trimmed. Just taking a few hairs off can make all the difference! I am definitely not a person to inflict pain on myself, even pain as small as this. I am thankful to my friend (who I will tell you more about at the end of this post) for doing the "dirty work" for me. And as she kept telling me during this process, "Beauty is pain!"

This is me before I did my make-up. Lately, I have hardly cared what make-up I put on. It normally looks better in the day, but this is at night when most of it has faded off. Oh boy, so much work to be done.



Who would have thought that red lipstick would be just fitting for my skin? Certainly not me. Well I hope you enjoy this little make-over.
My makeup was done by LeFashionWindow, she also took my pictures.

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