Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gray Pencil

I just recently found a website called ASOS in which real fashionable clothes are sold to both men and women for fairly affordable prices. Many clothes may seem expensive, but if you think about it these clothes are from real fashion brands such as Nishe, Levis, Urban Code, and many other fashion brands outside of the United States. Also many of the clothes were designed specifically for celebrities ranging from Blake Lively to Victoria Beckham to Lady Gaga. There are so many choices to choose from it may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But I love how if I want to look for something specific, I can choose exactly what I want. 

I am all about this refined, modest look that this model is wearing and I have always wanted to find a dress like this. I chose the color, price range, and the shape of the dress and that is how I found this dress.

I love how this dress has two different colors, the gray on the front and black on back, making the dress more slimming. This dress could be worn to just about any formal event depending on the accessories that would be used. The work place especially, or a conference. Since I love to wear dresses for just about any event, I know I could definitely find ways to mix and match with the accessories that I already have.