Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crawl back to love

Ok yeah I know... it's Chris Brown. For those of you who hate him, I'm sorry. Hate is a strong word to use for someone that you have never met or probably have not even seen in the flesh. Me personally, I don't know him so I'm not gonna judge. But anyways that's a side note.
This song makes me happy and I thought I'd share with you a hint of my happiness today. I had never heard of this song until the beginning of this week. ( I have stopped listening to pop/ hip-hop music lately, but if I hear a good song, I don't mind it.) For those of you who are interested, I have been listening to Vitamin String Quartet, an amazing band, who play contemporary violin music, but I will introduce you to them later.
 Anyways, my friend showed me this song on account of Chris Brown's amazing jaw line. Haha! (2:08).
Even though my view on love change greatly changed these past few months, I am still a sucker for romance which I know I will always be. Not to mention the abundance of fashion displayed in this video, especially by Cassie who plays in the video with Chris Brown. Well I hope you enjoy this video and that you can capture a bit of the joy that I have today!

P.S. I am happy because this was midterms week, the most stressful and homework packed week of the semester so far, and I just finished my Literary Review and all my other projects and tests. I HAVE FINISHED! I have finished a week that seemed stressful and impossible to go through without immediate fail. But I finished this week, stress-free and everything is accomplished, thanks to prayer and dedication which I could have not accomplished anything without the Lord being by my side!

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