Friday, October 8, 2010

Power to Influence

I realized today that I can make a difference.
It can start out small; but in the end, it can end in a very grand way.
I have the power  to influence.

A girl once told me that everything that we are, our style, our speech, our personalities are determinded by the people that surround us. This is why most people tend to do things like our parents or even our peers. The question she asked next was  "How would it be fore someone who was totally isolated from everything and everyone? What would what person be like?

I then began to tell her about a story that I learned in my high school sociology class. We learned about a girl whose parents kept her in a small dark room, feeding her only bread and milk. When the girl was discovered, she was about seven years old; yet, she still was speaking as if she were still a baby. She was very weak because of her malnutrition and soon died at the age of eleven. It is indeed a very sad story. 

But  it is a great example of how each and every person has the power to influence others.
I recently discovered this profound statement. I have always have known this; but, never really realized the possibilities that could come from it.
I want a chance to be able to make a difference in someone else's life and inspire others. Now that I think about it, I already have, my siblings, my close friendships, maybe even somebody that I don't even know.
Not all influences are good; however, I hope that I have not been a negative influence on anybody in my past and I pray that I never do. I pray that I will continue to let my light shine in the darkness so that others can see something different in me.

And in all that I say, sing, write and create, I hope that it will change somebody, no matter how big or small that change may be. I hope that it inspires someone to want to do the same.

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