Friday, April 16, 2010

To be continued


I decided to take a fashion shoot of myself because that is just what I do. I was limited as to where I could actually take the shots, but I think this background fits well with the mood of this image. The reason why I am enthralled with fashion photography is because you can change who you are and create an art piece with a hint of fashion. The photography is not only just a good picture and nice clothes, but it tells a story. The reason why I take pictures of myself is for one reason, there are no other models for me to take and also because I have in my head exactly what I want. I wanted to display a different side of me. A side that is not sunshine and flowers, but mystery and determination. Even though this is a picture of me, I do not want viewers to think that this is me. Fashion photography is a fashionable art, except the model is the art piece and she or he can be changed through imagination and the camera lens. I hope I made sense and that you enjoyed this piece. As much as I like being a model, I would much rather be behind the camera full time.
P.S. I haven't quite figured out this story yet, maybe it is to be continued.

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