Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Long and the Short of it All

Winter officially begins the 21st of December! Can you believe it? And I'm still counting the days for Christmas to come.
I'm not in love winter to get frost bite in the snow and have to wear layers and layers of clothing just to stay warm. I love winter because of all the clothing that I couldn't wear during the summer, I can wear now. Let me explain. For winter I can wear lovely boots that go with anything I wear and still look cute. I can wear a pretty coat (which I'm getting for Christmas!) along with a matching scarf and hat and gloves. Not to mention the warm furs!

But even though I can wear all those warm clothing for winter, I still want to show a little skin for parties and banquets and such. So this Christmas, I've been falling for "the long and short dress." ( I don't know what it's truly called so that is what I will call it)! Kate Hudson does a very excellent example of what I'm talking about in her Chanel couture dress. I'm not so sure about the "tail" that she has in the back; but it goes well with the dress.

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