Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Asymmetrical Dress

For my last Homecoming Dance, I was very excited about choosing a new stylish dress to wear. I knew that I wanted to wear an asymmetrical dress, but I didn't know where I could find one that would compliment my body just right and that would not be too expensive. I first spotted a beautiful dress on the Teen Choice Awards. Selena Gomez was wearing a beautiful, Grecian, lilac, flowing dress; that I believe was from a Dereon collection.                              

But I was not able to buy it because for one, I couldn't find it and it probably would be rather expensive. I tried to look elsewhere; but didn't get much luck.
Instead, I bought a rather inexpensive dress from Forever 21 and called it a day.
But now that winter is upon us, Forever 21 has come out with many-a asymmetrical dresses. Here's one that I really like.

Isn't it STUNNING! Especially as a party dress with all the lights shining off of it. I definitely would get this dress, the only thing is, is that the dress looks quite short. But that could be easily fixed with some stylish leggings or maybe it's just that the model is rather tall.
Well I hope you enjoyed this little lesson on dresses. Stay tuned for more!

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