Friday, May 15, 2009


I decided to write a post today because I FINALLY have free time and because I have a lot on my mind. It seems like the school year almost started. I was soo nervous to make new friends. I remember first going into the school and seeing all the new faces. Now I see myself now, I have many new friends. Even though, I miss my old friends greatly, I am happy for the friends that I have now. I've been looking at some of my old photos and listening to my old music. Just reminiscing and seeing what God has for me in this new year, new life, new journey. I was thinking of how I might have been if I stayed in Africa and how I would be. How I would be if I never went to Mexico. I would be totally different. It just shows how God uses our seemingly bad circumstances for the good. Anyways, that is what is on my mind.

Since blog post are better with photos, here is some of my artistic skills for you..

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Kara said...

Good thoughts, Kourtney. I love how God uses are circumstances, like you said. And that no matter how hard they seem, we can at least have the confidence that He will use them to shape us into women that He wants us to be!

Oh yeah I was actually just looking at her sister's blog (inthenameoflove). Cool, huh? Yeah they look so so much alike!